The Akin Fadeyi Foundation (AFF) initiated the ‘Corruption: Not in My Country’ drama skits and the ‘Never Again’ radio drama skit to combat corruption in Nigeria by increasing transparency and accountability. As a citizens-driven advocacy campaign, it focused on instituting behavioural and attitudinal change, ignite national reorientation, reduce corruption and strengthen transparency and accountability in the Nigerian society.

Over the last two years, the AFF has contributed immensely as a voice actor in educating the public on the cost of corruption and the benefit of ensuring transparency and accountability in our society. We have aired over 40 drama skits on social media, radio, local and international TV stations. We have also contributed to the work of the cohort by employing the use of technology to fight corruption by developing corruption reporting App called Flag’It.

In a midline evaluation conducted in September 2019, 22,197 people were polled. Of the people polled, 92.86% were aware of the ‘Corruption Not in My Country’ anti-corruption campaign. 57.14% and 35.71% agreed that the medium used to run the campaign is very effective and effective respectively. 92.86% responded that the content of the skits is clear enough for a layman to understand the message. Furthermore, 71.43% of those polled believe the skits are very effective in changing behavioral pattern in the society at large. Judging by the feedback and the comments of our audience, on our social media pages and other feedback channels, about the characters in our skits; and the different scenarios we portray, we can rightly say that our messages resonate with majority of the viewers and the messages are well received.