Flag’It App: A Report Corruption App

Flag’It App: A Report Corruption App

Flag’It is a mobile and web based App developed by the Akin Fadeyi Foundation which empowers citizens to report corruption, demand for accountability and excellent service delivery from government institutions.

Our widely reported major milestone was the onboarding of the Federal Road Safety Commission onboard Flag’It to enable Nigerians and residents of the country report incidences of corruption and get them resolved. The App also allows citizens to document their positive encounters with credible government Officials. Interestingly, we have also received Rape and Sexual Offenders report through the encouragement and confidence-boosting capacity of the Flag’ItApp, which was launched on the 10th of October and has crossed the 1,000 downloads milestone as citizens are developing trust and confidenceto send in reports with their cases being resolved promptly.We are currently working to get other government agencies on board in 2020. The Not In My Country Project is enabling citizens behavioral change and its acceptance by citizens aided a riveting effect and seamless acceptance of the FlagItApp.

The Flagit App is solely designed for the purpose of working with organizations, private and government agencies, to track and deal with cases or incidences of corrupt practices.

The App has many functions which are listed below:

-Citizens can create and send report of corrupt practices to organizations and public agencies and receive feedback.

– Status of the reported cases can be monitored.

-The app allows for digital storage and retrieval of reported cases by authorized users.

-The app allows for prompt feedback on resolved cases


The App is not structured to do the following:

-The App does not share information on reported cases with any unauthorized user.

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