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Success Stories

Success Story 1: Cyberbullying Kingpin Arrested

A student in a private University reported a case of cyber bullying and extortion involving a fellow student, who was thqreatening to release her nude pictures on the Internet if she failed to cooperate and yield to the demands, he was making of her. The perpetrators were in the habit of luring female students into relationships, during which they pressure them into sharing their nude pictures with them for the purposes of sponsoring their participation in beauty pageants, after securing their trust. Subsequently they end the relationships and then begin to make unrealistic demands on the ladies. The female student involved in this particular incident was psychologically devastated by the time the report was being made through the FlagIt app.

After uncovering about 17 affected students, AFF worked with the University, and security agencies, comprising the Nigerian Police and Interpol, from May 27th, 2020 through to October 23rd, 2020 to investigate and arrest the gang involved. The accused persons are now facing prosecution at Ekiti Court 2 in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Success Story 2: Illegal Detention

A decadent and corrupt system has consistently led to a lawless police institution, resulting in the throes of pain and agony for victims. Kehinde Omotosho was one of such victims. A family breadwinner, who was wrongfully arrested and detained by the Police. He was taken away from his home amidst a pandemonium, and unnecessary threats were dished out to his family in the middle of the night by a group of Nigerian Policemen. Mr. Omotosho’s wife and children did not know his whereabouts after the arrest, and he eventually died in custody, days into his detention.

Upon receiving this unfortunate report through the FlagIt app, AFF took up the case, constituted legal counsel for the family, and followed up on the case with the Public Complaints Unit of the Nigerian Police Force, which is the arm responsible for carrying out investigations and the discipline of errant police officers. Corruption reared its head as the law enforcement institution sought to manipulate the process, cook up fictitious reports and evidence, blackmail and threaten the surviving family, all in the bid to truncate the wheels of justice.

AFF is glad to report that a full-fledged investigation has been launched into the case. The Police High Command has set up an X-Squad Disciplinary Panel to bring offenders in uniform to book, thus the offending parties are being fished out and adequate prosecution would follow immediately the truth is revealed. In this regard, AFF intends to share the details of the case with the public, once the investigation is concluded and the case is resolved.

Success Story 3: AFF Receives Road Safety Pillar Award

At the FRSC’s 34th Anniversary Dinner Night & award ceremony, Akin Fadeyi Foundation was awarded the Road Safety Pillar Award in recognition of its work in tackling corruption among road users.