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Make We Sama Corruption – Radio Show

Make We Sama Corruption

This anti-corruption advocacy program in collaboration with the Federal Road Safety Corps aims to stimulate dialogue by educating citizens on the social symptoms and effects of corruption using behavioral insights, as well as to provide citizens-centered solutions on how to tackle and eradicate corruption individually and collectively as a community. This is an ongoing project that airs every Friday between 9:30 am - 10:00 am on the popular National Traffic Radio, Channel (107.1 FM).

The show is a robust platform featuring interactive sessions with various guests and stakeholders alongside audience call-in sessions, where listeners can make valuable contributions to the various topics outlined. Listen to previous episodes of make We Sama Corruption:

Episode 1: What is Corruption?
Episode 2: Na Who Dey More Corrupt: Na Men abi Na Woman?
Episode 3: Na Who Dey More Corrupt: Na Men abi Na Woman? Part II
Episode 4: Why Sama Corruption? Pt 1
Episode 5: Why Sama Corruption? Pt 2
Episode 6: People Get Power to Sama Corruption?
Episode 7: Zero Tolerance For Corruption – The FRSC Perspective
Episode 8: Corruption on the Move
Episode 9: Corruption on the Track Pt 1
Episode 10: Corruption on the Track Pt 2
Episode 11: Is Politics a Dirty Game?
Episode 12: Sex For Grades Pt 1
Episode 13: Sex For Grades Pt 2
Episode 14: Magic Center Palava
Episode 16: You Go Talk Am Abi You Go Mind Your Own Business
Episode 17: Admission Scandal Pt 1
Episode 18: Admission Scandal Pt 2