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“Never Again” Radio Drama

“Never Again” Radio Drama

AFF has produced over 20 Episodes of a radio drama series, titled “Never Again” which sheds light on the negative effects of corruption on the society and the need to tackle these anti-social behaviors.

It was broadcasted on the “People and Events” belt of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN)-Africa's largest radio network, with six zonal stations and 32 FM stations across the country. Using this medium, AFF was able to share its unique anti-corruption message across a broad cross-section of Nigerians, throughout the geopolitical zones of the country, and with an estimated reach of over 40 million people.

Episode 1: Corper Shun
Episode 6: Cash Pool
Episode 7: Chop Vote Clean Mouth
Episode 10: Wey My Change

Never Again Radio Show